OWAAT August 19: Prophesying Over the Dry Bones

That time of the year when summer is still in full heat, and things begin to start up again – like school. I’m also in crunch time for finishing an essay on librarianship and vocation about how I’m integrating thought, prayer, and action into life in the church – so if things here seem a little sparse, that’s why. Pray for me! 😀 Let me know if you need prayer, too.


I always thought I liked Ezekiel more than I seem to be liking it this time around. One aspect of reading the Bible more slowly is that it’s harder to gloss over the parts that I don’t like. But I am grateful that this week we’re reading Ezekiel 37, the dry bones, one of my favorite passages. I love biblical passages that speak renewal to situations that seem hopeless.


We’re continuing on in our 40-day journey with Howard Thurman. One of the reflection questions from Day 10 piqued my interest:

What’s more important, the journey or the destination? Or are they equally important? Explain.


Now we’re reading Chapter 2 of The Lifelong Activist. The question that got me in this book is:

Could you have somehow increased the amount you achieved without increasing your level of sacrifice beyond what you were willing to accept?

What are your answers to the above questions? 

Check the Think! Pray! Act! calendar for ideas and things to do.

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