OWAAT Sep 9: Moving Beyond Burnout With God

It’s been another one of those busy weeks (aren’t they all, though?). I have just finished another major project (inasmuch as it is finishable), and am enjoying the freedom that comes from a distinct lack of forthcoming projects in the midst of everyday life. This week we finish reading Daniel and begin reading Hosea.


Any last thoughts about this transition from Daniel to Hosea? About Daniel, Nysse summarizes: “The examples of faithful courage in the first part of the book serve to encourage the reader who may have to live in the midst of the dark times envisioned in the latter part of the book. The visions have many different twists and turns, but they all end on the encouraging note that there is a limit to even the worst forms of evil and that the kingdom of God will prevail.”


This week we’re reading through the 5th week of 40 Day Journey With Howard Thurman, days 29-35. 

From Day 29, “Curious indeed is the fact that at a time of crisis men must be constantly reminded that the crisis does not mark the end of all things” (p. 56). Curious indeed!


This week we’re in Chapter 5, “Honesty vs. Burnout” of The Lifelong Activist. I think this applies to a lot of things beyond activism: “…most people seem to leave activism involuntarily, and that’s a problem on many levels. When an activist burns out, she typically derails her career and damages her self-esteem and relationships. She also deprives her organization and movement of her valuable experience and wisdom. The worst problem, however, may be that when an activist burns out she deprives younger activists of a mentor, thus making them more likely to burn out. And so it’s a vicious circle, with burnout leading to more burnout.”

How do you prevent burnout in your life?

Things to Do

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