Stand Up and Speak Out for God’s Justice On Sunday, October 7: MCU’s Annual Public Meetings

This Sunday, October 7 is MCU’s annual public meetings from 3-4:30 pm. The meetings will be held in four school districts: Webster Groves, Ferguson/Florissant, St. Louis, and St. Charles. The meetings highlight MCU’s work to end out-of-school suspensions, define the role of SROs (school resource officers – police officers who work in schools), Clean Missouri / Amendment 1, and Raise Up Missouri / Prop B. These initiatives remind us that as citizens we do not need to simply accept what our elected and other public officials and figures tell us; our voice matters too!

I hope you can make it to one of our 4 simultaneous public meetings next Sunday afternoon! Remember, you can nap afterwards. 😀

You can do three things to stand up and speak out right now:

  1. Change your Facebook cover photo to your local district meeting photo and invite your friends to the meeting via phone, on Facebook, or in person!
  2. Sign up via the Eventbrite links below!
  3. Attend your local public meeting on Sunday!
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Webster Groves MCU Public Meeting Facebook Cover Photo

Peace UCC, 204 East Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves, MO 63119: /
(this one is particularly convenient if you’re planning on going to the CROP Walk at Eden)

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North County MCU Public Meeting Facebook Cover Photo

Zion UCC, 5710 N Hwy 67, Florissant, MO 63034: /

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St. Louis City MCU Public Meeting Facebook Cover Photo

Centennial Christian Church, 4950 Fountain Ave., St. Louis, MO 63113: / 

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St. Charles MCU Public Meeting Facebook Cover Photo

Christ’s Church, 6930 Mexico Rd, St. Peters, MO 63376: /

Come and be a part of this movement to live out God’s dream of justice in beloved community!


This week we read in three biblical books: Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah. As Limburg in Hosea-Micah (Interpretation) puts it, “Why should we pay attention to [the words of the prophets] today? To a world as torn and troubled as any, these prophets brought a word which they identified as a word from God. They took up the cause of the powerless, calling for justice to roll through the land like a mighty stream and challenging their hearers to do justice (Amos, Micah). They spoke of peace, promising a day when nations would no longer be engaged in an arms race but would beat swords into plowshares. They spoke of a ruler who would bring peace, a Messiah who would come from Bethlehem (Micah). They told of the remarkable forgiving, nurturing, and healing love of God (Hosea), who would take up the people’s sins and throw them into the depths of the sea (Micah). The single story about a prophet in this collection tells about God’s amazing grace and issues a challenge to get the word about that grace out to the teeming cities of the world (Jonah).” (p. xiii)

What has God challenged you to do that you would run away from? 


This week we’re in Chapter 9, “How Much Activism Do You Really Want to Do?” of The Lifelong Activist. That question alone says so much! Both of my parents, and some other family members, died too young, in my opinion. (Not that whatever force is in charge of these things, if indeed there is a force in charge of these things, takes any of that into consideration.) From these experiences I have concluded that life is short and while I realize it is virtually impossible for us to live as if every moment is our last, I tend to ask myself if what I am doing is worthwhile in the grand scheme of things.

Also in the grand scheme of things, I strive toward balancing doing good, necessary, worthwhile things with things I want to do that feed my spirit (self-care). I hope to, at the end of my life, see that I lived. What does living a balanced life that includes activism mean to you?

Rettig encourages us: “Reread the Activism Goals List you created in Chapter 8 and make sure that it presents a reasonable set of goals for you to pursue, given your values, needs, situation, talents, resources, and willingness to sacrifice.” Talk with God about your list. Is this what God is calling you to do? Join the discussion!


Check out the Find Your FBCO Map to find your local faith-based community organizing affiliate and connect with the people who are working together to live out their dreams of a more just world! What’s going on in your living of the Gospel? Let us know in the comments, in our e-mail discussion group, or on social media.