In the Midst of the Apocrypha


We continue on in the Apocrypha this week, reading the Prayer of Manasseh (or Mannases), Psalm 151 (did you know there are 151 of them?), 3 Maccabees, and begin 2 Esdras.

Has reading the Apocrypha changed or challenged your ideas on what makes texts biblical?

This week we read Part 2,  “Managing Your Time,” Chapter 9, “Time Management Step #2: Create A Weekly Schedule“ of The Lifelong Activist, in which we continue to plan and plot how we’re spending our time. Rettig encourages us to “set up routines that help eliminate guesswork from around your schedule, and also help you gear up, physically and mentally, for the scheduled activity.”

What’s your weekly schedule look like? How does it support your life goals? C’mon over to People of the Books, our online book club in which we discuss this book and whatever else is on your mind or heart!


As we continue in this sixth week following Epiphany with our star words, Pastor Charissa Clark Howe encourages us to look up our star word in both a dictionary and thesaurus, noting anything that stands out to us, or anything that surprises, annoys, or delights us about our word’s definition or synonyms.

Clark Howe encourages us to learn more about our star word: What have you noticed about the definition of your star word and the words around it?


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