Managing the End of Winter


It is SO the end of winter (so we hope!). How do you manage yourself at this time of year? I suggest remembering that spring is on its way (as is Lent – not what I’d call a happy time, but a good time for introspection and life evaluation). I also suggest remembering that the end of winter is temporary, that spring is almost here, and that you can do what you need to do to get there – including reaching out for help if you need to. We can do this!

We continue on in 2 Esdras, which deSilva describes as “a composite work. The core (2 Esd 3-14, now often referred to at 4 Ezra) is a Jewish apocalypse written at the end of the first century CE. Its author wrestles with the big questions of his day concerning God’s providence and justice. What good did it do Israel for God to give it the Law without removing the sinful inclination to disobey God’s Law? What does it mean to be God’s ‘chosen people’ when Judea is trampled by the empire of Rome, which doesn’t give God a second thought and yet continues to prosper?” (p. 33)

What does it mean to be God’s people in Americanized Christianity that so readily wraps Jesus in the American flag and prosperity theology?

This week we read Part 2,  “Managing Your Time,” Chapter 10, “Time Management Step #3: FOLLOW the Schedule and TRACK Your Time Use” of The Lifelong Activist, in which we track how we’re actually spending our time. Rettig provides a Sample Time Budgeting / Tracking Form for us to try. You may find her advice to track your time every 15 minutes challenging; I say, do what works for you – and if what you do isn’t working for you, it’s okay to try something new!

How’s your time budget working? C’mon over to People of the Books, our online book club in which we discuss this book and whatever else is on your mind or heart!


As we continue in this sixth week following Epiphany with our star words, Pastor Charissa Clark Howe encourages us to look up our star word in both a dictionary and thesaurus, noting anything that stands out to us, or anything that surprises, annoys, or delights us about our word’s definition or synonyms.

Clark Howe encourages us to learn more about our star word: What have you noticed about the definition of your star word and the words around it?


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