Resurrection in the Spirit


On this 6th Sunday of Easter we continue reading the Gospel of John, from chapters 8-14, all the way from the story of the woman caught in adultery to the beginning of the Last Supper. In the midst of all the territory covered in these chapters, we also encounter the Paraclete – something that we tend to characterize as the Holy Spirit, Advocate, or Counselor, though the Anchor Bible Dictionary’s “Paraclete” entry reminds us of the difficulty of assigning one simple meaning to this word. Nonetheless, Berge reminds us that through the Holy Spirit God gives us peace, and Koester reminds us, “The Spirit is sometimes called the Advocate or Counselor, because it brings people to a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and empowers them in witness (14:26; 15:26-27).”

What has been your experience of the Holy Spirit?

This week we read Part 3,  “Managing Your Fears,” Chapter 5, “The Problem You Should Be Solving” of the T+P+A Big Read 2019, The Lifelong Activist. Rettig explains that procrastination usually is less a problem of laziness or lack of discipline and more a problem of either fear or not knowing the habits of productive work. She goes into greater detail in upcoming chapters, but for the time being, provides us with what she calls “Simple Productivity Behaviors” and the exercise “Being a Compassionate Self-Observer.” (I don’t know if you notice how you treat yourself – but is it as kindly as you treat others?)

Work on implementing the Simple Productivity Behaviors and try the exercise “Being a Compassionate Self-Observer.” What comes out of doing these things for you?

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We continue praying through Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours: Prayers for Springtime: A Manual for Prayer, with “the Sunday closest to May 25”. How is your practice of praying the divine hours going?


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