Winding Through the Willows and 1st Corinthians into August


As we read 1st Corinthians 6-12 we encounter in the First Corinthians Interpretation Bible Study series (a great series! You should check it out!) a most delightful correlation between 1 Corinthians 8 and Toad’s venture into the world of automobiles from The Wind in the Willows. Fisk notes, “Anyone who gains new insight – into the automobile, the skateboard, or the heart of God – will face the temptation to become snooty, self-absorbed, and irresponsible.” (p. 78)

What do you do when you find new insight?

This week we read Part 3,  “Managing Your Fears,” Chapter 15, “Perfectionism” of the T+P+A Big Read 2019, The Lifelong Activist. Are you a perfectionist? I started out as one, and only through a great many years of practice have I become more okay with trying things even if they don’t go well or if I fail at (and therefore have the opportunity to learn from) them. Rettig encourages us to “Strive to step freely and lightly around your activism, to plunge into it and back out of it at will, and enjoy taking risks around it, knowing that some of those risks will inevitably lead to failure. Yes, there will be stress—an activist career is perhaps the most stressful around—but it is essential that you not only learn to handle that stress gracefully, but recognize that, at any given moment, you are making a choice as to how stressed you feel.”


For June and July, in honor of Pride Month (and beyond) we are reading and praying over Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology by Pamela R. Lightsey. This week we read Chapter 7, “Imago Dei: We Flesh That Needs Lovin’.” I find Lightsey’s discussion of inclusion helpful as I think about what it means: “We know that inclusion is made possible by love and therefore when we say ‘All’ it should not be misinterpreted to mean we endorse an ‘anything goes’ community as is feared by some. The LGBTQ community like all people of goodwill does not advocate abuse, violence, or criminal activity. … Queer womanist theology is a commitment to whole people existing in the wholeness of their given bodies; free bodies, sensual and spiritual in nature.” (p. 88)

How do you honor the imago dei (image of God) present in your and others’ lives?

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