The book Honest to Jesus

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Think! Pray! Act! is a project of BiblioMinistry that focuses on helping people of faith integrate thought/intellect, prayer/faith and action/mission.[…]

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The Book of Job: Why do the Innocent Suffer?

TPA Weekly: The Prophet Job and Justice

Welcome to the weekly Think! Pray! Act! update, helping us integrate these things that we may live into the Gospel[…]

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OWAAT (One Week at a Time): Welcome to our weekly newsletter!

Welcome to the first TPA Weekly newsletter in which I provide reasonably thoughtful and relevant advice and commentary on how[…]

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Act!: Living out the Gospel

What does it mean in real life to act on and live out the Gospel? This question has a plethora[…]

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Pray!: Praying the Gospel; Talking and Listening to God

Praying doesn’t always seem easy. If you’ve gotten out of the habit of talking and listening to God, it may[…]

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Think! Thinking the Gospel: Integrating Spiritual and Intellectual Knowing

As Christians, we’re often used to believing and feeling our faith, rather than thinking it. There’s no time like the[…]

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TPA Weekly: September 17, 2017

Think! – Scriptural reading Pray! – Prayer practice Act! – Activist/mission activity

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