Practice Resurrection

Acclimating to Resurrection

Does anyone else think, “Thank goodness that we have a whole SEVEN Sundays of Easter!!”? As I get older and[…]

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Reeling Into Resurrection

Here we are at the resurrection, Easter Sunday, reading Mark 13-Luke 3. What with life, taxes, and whatever else is[…]

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Mark: The First Gospel

Here we are at the Sixth Sunday in Lent, Palm Sunday, reading Mark 6-12. What I love about Mark and[…]

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From Gospel to Gospel: Matthew into Mark

Here we are at the Fifth Sunday in Lent, moving from Matthew 27 all the way to Mark 5. It[…]

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Hospitality in the Midst of Hostility

Here we are at the Third Sunday in Lent, reading Matthew 20 – 26, spanning from before Jesus’ journey into[…]

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Joyce Rupp Transformation

Suffering, Time Management, and Transformation

Here we are at the Third Sunday in Lent, reading Matthew 13 – 19, in which we first encounter parables:[…]

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T+P+A Lenten Practice 2019

As we’ve done previously, this year we are joining in the Lenten practice of Compton Heights Christian Church, reading and[…]

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Lent and the Gospel of Matthew

Here we are at the Second Sunday in Lent, and I don’t know if where you are is above freezing,[…]

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Think+Pray+Act Big Read 2019: The Lifelong Activist

In all my time and various activities, one lesson continues to hit home with me: for all my knowledge, passion,[…]

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John Lewis Beloved Community

The Apocrypha in the Gospels

Are you ready for Lent? Is anyone ready for Lent? What I like about Lent, similar to what I like[…]

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