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The Apocrypha in the Gospels

Are you ready for Lent? Is anyone ready for Lent? What I like about Lent, similar to what I like[…]

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Greek Daniel

More on God in the Ordinary (and Short Books of the Apocrypha)

This week we finish reading reading Baruch, as well as complete the Letter of Jeremiah (which is closely associated with[…]

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Rumi Epiphany

Epiphany in the New Year

This week we continue reading the Wisdom of Ben Sira / Sirach. What is your experience of reading through the[…]

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Seeking Wisdom

This week we wrap up Greek Esther and begin reading Wisdom (or the Wisdom of Solomon).  What questions do you[…]

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deSilva the Apocrypha

The Apocrypha: Judith and Greek Esther

We continue on in the Apocrypha, well into and finishing the book of Judith, then moving into Greek Esther. As[…]

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The Apocrypha Is Upon Us

Reading the Apocrypha

We started reading the book of Tobit last week, the first (by way of their arrangement in the NRSV Bible)[…]

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