Mothers Day

OWAAT May 13: Ending Isaiah, On the Social Justice Origins of Mother’s Day, and Biblical Images of God as Mother

We continue our daily Bible reading in Third Isaiah, finishing the entire book at the end of this week. As[…]

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Jesus and fear

OWAAT April 22: Fear, Risk, and Resurrection

We continue reading in the Book of Isaiah, moving from First to Second Isaiah, and also enter into the 4th[…]

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The Role of Risk in the Empire of God

OWAAT April 15: Risk and God’s Realm

I may be a little scattered this week as I continue preparing for my service of ordination and must admit[…]

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John Dominic Crossan, Resurrection

OWAAT April 1: The Divine Foolishness of Resurrection Is No Joke – But What Does It Mean?

We’ve made it to alleluia again after our Lenten journey of considering our mortality, the fallibility that comes with being[…]

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Jesus' followers

OWAAT March 25: Of Holy Week and Hard Blessings

Can you believe we’re in the last week of Lent? What does Holy Week mean to you? When I think[…]

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OWAAT March 18: On Biblical Prophets, and More Lent

Lent is sure still here, isn’t it? 😀 How is your Lent going? As much as I would like for[…]

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Christian responsibilities

OWAAT March 11:

Song of Songs is another of the shorter books of the Bible; we finish our time with that this week[…]

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