Resurrection Remix

On this 5th Sunday of Easter we begin reading the Gospel of John, from chapters 1-7. But before we get[…]

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Rettig Procrastination

Living Into Resurrection

I can’t believe we’re already to the 4th Sunday of Easter! Can you? How is this year’s resurrection season going[…]

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Practice Resurrection

Acclimating to Resurrection

Does anyone else think, “Thank goodness that we have a whole SEVEN Sundays of Easter!!”? As I get older and[…]

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Reeling Into Resurrection

Here we are at the resurrection, Easter Sunday, reading Mark 13-Luke 3. What with life, taxes, and whatever else is[…]

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Resurrection and restoration

OWAAT May 6: Restoration and Resurrection

We continue reading in the Book of Isaiah, moving from Second to Third Isaiah, and also enter into the 6th[…]

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resurrection: from moment to movement

OWAAT April 8: Resurrection: A Moment – And a Movement

So many life-changing events begin as one-time events that morph into events beyond their original intents and effects. Such is[…]

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John Dominic Crossan, Resurrection

OWAAT April 1: The Divine Foolishness of Resurrection Is No Joke – But What Does It Mean?

We’ve made it to alleluia again after our Lenten journey of considering our mortality, the fallibility that comes with being[…]

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