Pray!: Praying the Gospel; Talking and Listening to God

Praying doesn’t always seem easy. If you’ve gotten out of the habit of talking and listening to God, it may feel a bit strange to start things up again. If you’re busy, it can be difficult to figure out just what you might have to give up in order to spend some time with God. As so many angels in the Bible have said, however, “Fear not!” It is easier – and takes less time – than you might think to connect with God. We at Think! Pray! Act! encourage you to spend 15 minutes in prayer every day with our prayer practices (see our calendar for each month’s suggested prayer practice that you can easily add to your online calendar). You can do it in the car; you can try it in a bar! Or not, depending on your comfort level. You don’t even need to follow the recommended practice – it’s just an idea to get you going. The point is, pray. Just pray! Bring it all to God: tell God how you’re doing and listen for God’s voice in your life. Amen, and amen.