Seeking Wisdom


This week we wrap up Greek Esther and begin reading Wisdom (or the Wisdom of Solomon). 

What questions do you have about the Apocryphal (or deutero-canonical) books of the Bible?


Phillips Theological Seminary has a great Advent devotional we’ll read for our prayer time this advent. We’re already at Week 2, Peace.

What does peace mean to you, and where do you find it in your life and our world?


This week we’re finishing “Your Personal Mission Statement” of The Lifelong Activist. Rettig asks us to use the Goals Lists we have created (consisting of activism, health and fitness, relationships, money, and whole person goals) and create a Personal Mission Statement out of them. She suggests creating a Mission Statement for each list, putting each mission statement at the top of its list, combine all lists with their mission statements into one document, which becomes your Personal Mission Statement, summarizing that document into one paragraph as your core mission, dating it, and sitting with it for a while to make sure it fits who you are, then making adjustments as necessary.

What is your Personal Mission Statement paragraph? Does it fit who you are?

Check out the Find Your FBCO Map to find your local faith-based community organizing affiliate and connect with the people who are working together to live out their dreams of a more just world! What’s going on in your living of the Gospel? Let us know in the comments, in our e-mail discussion group, or on social media.