Act: Find Your Local FBCO (Faith-Based Community Organizing) Network Affiliate

“Think globally, act locally” is a popular saying that has been used in many contexts over the past century or so – and its popularity is such because it gets at a key truth of dreaming vs. getting things done. I don’t know about you, but I’m an “idea” person – in order for my ideas to become anything, they actually have to be implemented in the reality of this world. The world of FBCO understands the necessity of living in this reality – that movements toward God’s justice happen when we build power (clearly and simply defined as “the ability to act”) by organizing people and organizing money. Particularly as understood through the lens of building God’s realm and thus bringing about God’s justice, FBCO is at its heart both local and relational. If we are to act powerfully as people of faith to build God’s realm and bring about God’s justice in this world, we need to work strategically toward that together. Building God’s realm is rarely easy, but always worthwhile. If you would be one of those people through whom God’s justice is done, you will likely find it helpful to become a part of your local FBCO network affiliate organization.

About the Map

This map contains information for all of the affiliate organizations of the major faith-based community organizing networks: DART, Gamaliel, IVP, and PICO. Each major network has its own history, structure, and way of getting things done, but all are dedicated to building and revealing God’s realm through the local, strategic, direct action of their members.

Please let us know if you have questions, notice omissions, or have suggestions for additions to the map.