We are a faith community who strive to follow Jesus of Nazareth and agree with what he said when asked which of the commandments were most important: “This is the foremost: ‘Hear, O Israel, our God, is one. You must love the Most High God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:29-31, IBFET) Love of God, neighbor, and self is the guiding principle in all that we do.


      We seek, build, and reveal God's realm by equipping and walking with people to integrate and live out faith, learning, and vocational activism in faith community. We flip church and the library right-side-up-and-out into the lives of mission-driven people and the world around us.

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      WHAT WE DO

      In our call to seek, build and reveal God's realm in our midst, we take key learnings from libraries, seminary, church life, and faith-based community organizing to equip us with the tools we need to be lifelong learners who can live out God's call in our lives and in the world with each other.


      As we love God with all our mind, God has given us amazing brains that are always wanting to learn new things! At Think+Pray+Act we use ours to learn about God, Jesus, the world around us, and what and how God calls us to do and be in the world. We do this together and individually, freely using the People's Theological Library for robust exploration of curiosity, vibrant community, and lifelong learning.


      Loving God with "all your heart, and with all your soul" means spending regular time in prayer and other spiritual disciplines to better know and celebrate God, each other, and our world. We pray and worship together in community for to share and explore our faith lives and missions in the world. 



      Thoughts and prayers are a great start, but to love God with all our strength involves taking action we that the Holy Spirit leads us toward. In discernment we find the courage to boldly live into where God is leading us individually and together, both in vocation (God's call) and in  faith-based community organizing, which is a public expression of God's love.


      ABOUT US

       We are a faith community of active, lifelong learners who love and believe God, who gave us brains with which to think, souls with which to pray and care, and bodies with which to act and live vibrant lives, embodying radical love as Jesus did in his time. We take the Bible too seriously to take it literally, and appreciate science and history as part of God’s good creation. God calls all of us to something, and we can accomplish that with the help of God and the support of the community around us. We also believe that while the arc of the universe may bend toward justice, the love of Jesus calls us to be arc-benders, to participate in the work of justice, especially in the form of faith-based or faith-rooted community organizing. We work with people of faith to integrate what's in our hearts with thoughtful scholarship and meaningful action toward God's transformative, just realm.


      We gather regularly, both in-person and online, for brief contemplative worship, share a meal in the spirit of communion, and talk what God is up to in our lives. Woven within this community is a robust print and online library specializing in solid progressive biblical and theological resources, faith-based community organizing literature and leadership development, spiritual practices, and vocational and life discernment. T+P+A advocates for progressive, open access theological and biblical scholarship.

      We encourage each other to actively participate in local faith-based community organizing groups and opportunities, and support each other in those and vocational endeavors.


      • We take the Bible too seriously to take it literally - we study scripture thoughtfully and critically in its social and historical context
      • God's love is for all - and all means all! We are an LGBTQIA+ affirming community, and believe that the diverse identities we bring to this community are a strength, not a hindrance
      • God's table, the communion table - a place in which to experience God's radical grace and hospitality - is freely open to all
      • Jesus, in whom people experienced God, experienced God as present in everyday reality, not far away. He experienced and taught us that God is fundamentally present as love that permeates life and the whole creation
      Bible study


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