Do you have a hard time living out God’s call in your life? Do you ever feel alone and isolated in living out your dreams? Would you like support with the resources, tools, processes, people, communities, and organizations that will support you in your journey toward living out God’s call. Think+Pray+Act walks with people and communities of faith into the heart of the Gospel. Take a look around to see how we do this, and please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in working with us!


      ABOUT US

      We work with people and communities of faith to integrate what's in their hearts with thoughtful scholarship and meaningful action. We connect mission-hearted people all over the world who want to work ecumenically and interfaith toward God's transformative, just realm.

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      Think+Pray+Act walks with the body of Christ into the heart of the Gospel by flipping the church and the library right-side-up-and-out into the lives of mission-driven Christians and the world around us.

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      In our fervent call to do our part to build and reveal God's realm in our midst, we have taken our key learnings from libraries, seminary and church life, and faith-based community organizing to equip people and communities of faith with the tools they need to be lifelong learners, learning communities, and organizations who can fruitfully live out God's call in their lives in the world.

      More than just book repositories, libraries are places for robust exploration of curiosity, vibrant community, and lifelong learning. 

      faith communities

      Faith communities are the core communities for people to share and explore their faith lives and missions in the world. They are like the "base camps" of vibrant lives of faith.

      faith-based community organizing

      Faith-based community organizing networks and their local affiliate organizations are community unions for people and communities of faith to come and work together on issues and actions that benefit the whole community.


      Think+Pray+Act offers people and communities of faith several ways to realize God’s call in their lives: through customizable curricula, workshops, a robust print and online library specializing in faith-based community organizing literature and leadership developement, and solid progressive biblical and theological resources that support the T+P+A mission. T+P+A advocates for progressive, open access theological and biblical scholarship.

      Customizable curricula
      Print and online library


      At Think+Pray+Act, we realize that whatever education you’ve had until this point may not be precisely what you need to live out God’s call in your life. We want to work with you to figure out what your missional life plan looks like, the very specific things you need to know to get there, and connect you with the people, communities, and organizations who can support you - and to whom you can be a blessing through your unique skills, gifts, and call! We all need each other!

      Personalized education

      Where is God calling you to, and how are you going to get there? What do you already know, and what do you need to know? If you want to figure this out within a caring community, come to Think+Pray+Act and create a missional life plan that you can take with you, within a community that will support you as you work your plan to live out God’s call in the world around you! 

      Customized workshops

      Think+Pray+Act offers many workshops on a variety of topics related to vocation, mission, theology, and how they relate to God’s call in our lives. We don’t want to talk at you; we want you to bring your real needs to us and to our community, to share and work on them in community with us, so we can all learn, and build and reveal God’s realm in our midst.

      Library with meeting space

      Think+Pray+Act houses the People’s Theological Library, the premiere collection of faith-based community organizing literature, liberation theologies, progressive theologies, with a commitment to open access biblical scholarship and theology.